Following are the various financial assistances provided to the members  as well as their dependents, who opted to the scheme and remitted monthly contribution regularly as prescribed  by the Board  from  time to time, without any default.

Financial Assistance to  death while in service

         If an employee/commission agent who has subscribed to this scheme, dies while in service an amount of Rs. 2,50,000/- (two lakh and fifty thousand only) will be paid to their nominee/dependent-family with effect from 04-08-2017 (GO.(MS)No.28/2017(co-operation) dated 04-08-2017)

         For the purpose  of this financial assistance, President of the institution shall obtain an application, in the form prescribed in Annexure-V from the nominee of the deceased employee and forward the same to the Secretary-Treasurer through the concerned Regional Office of the Board along with the relevant details, duly countersigned by the Head of department/District/Taluk level officer of the concerned Administrative  Department of Government. Following documents  should  be submitted along with the application for Financial Assistance.


a)    True copy  of death certificate duly attested  by a gazetted officer
b)    Copy of resolution taken by the Board of Directors of the institution requesting to the Additional      Registrar/Secretary of the Board for sanction and disburse the claim.
c)   Recommendation and report from the Head of the Department/District/Taluk  level officer  of the concerned  administrative department  stating that the employee died while in service of the institution.
d)   Service details of the employee regarding date of birth, date of retirement and date of option to this scheme.

           If the claimant is other than a member of the family/nominee/dependent of the employee, a legal heirship certificate obtained from the Tahsildar should be  submitted  along with the application. In the case there are one more legal heirs, an  affidavit  issued by the Notary Public  of the court duly agreeing by the others for sanction the amount to the person who claimed should also be produced.

Medical  Assistance

          As per the Govt. order(GO.(MS)No.28/2017(co-operation) dated 04-08-2017), an amount of Rs. 125000/- (Rupees one lakh and twenty five thousand only) will be given as Medical Assistance to the employees who have undergone treatment for Cancer, Heart Operation, Kidney Transplantation, Kidney Removal, Liver Transplantation, Liver Surgery(including for the donor of the liver), Bone Marrow Transplantation and Eye Transplantation. Similarly an amount of Rs. 75000/- (Rupees seventy five thousand only) will be given to the employees for the following treatments.


1)    Visual Handicap due to disease or other causes,  the degree  and disability  being -

        a)    moderate- 40% and above
        b)    severe -75% and above and
        c)    Profound /total -100%

2)    Inability to attend duties due to paralysis.

3)    Disability due to accident.
(item  2 & 3) ,40% permanent partial disability as a  result of accident, disease or      other  causes. Certificate to prove the disability should be obtained from the Disability Assessment Board of Government)

4)    Deadly diseases caused to brain like brain tumor, epilepsy, head injury, meningitis, encephalitis, degenerative  diseases of the brain and spinal cord and joint replacement surgery.


                This benefit is extended to the family of  the employees covered by the scheme for which the amount is limited to Rs. 40,000/- (Rupees Forty five thousand only).  For the purpose of this benefit, family includes wife/husband  and  unemployed bachelor children only and in the case of bachelor employees, this  benefit is given to the mother/father. In the case of married employee, this benefit will also be given to the mother/father, provided the employee must be the sole dependent of father/mother. This benefit shall be given only once in his/her entire service  period.


5)           Apart from the diseases listed above the employee who is covered by  the scheme  and has undergone treatment for  Chikungunya, Tuberculosis, Asthma, H1N1, Dengue fever, Rat fever, Varicose veins operation shall be  eligible  Rs. 15,000/- (Rupees fifteen thousand only) and Kidney treatment(except Kidney transplantation), Heart diseases(except Heart operation), Thyroid operation,  Liver cirrhosis,  Hernia operation and Uterus removal shall be eligible  Rs. 25,000/- (Rupees twenty five thousand only). This  benefit shall be given to the employee in addition to other  Medical Assistance eligible to him under these rules. Dependents of the employees  are not eligible for this medical grant.

           For Medical Assistance under this scheme, an application prescribed in Annexure-VIII shall be submitted to the Secretary–Treasurer through the Regional Manager of the concerned Regional Office of the Board, duly supported by a medical certificate, in original issued  by a medical officer not below the rank  of an Associate Professor of concerned department of Medical colleges/Notified medical institutions.   If the treatment is done not in Medical colleges/Notified medical institutions such claims shall be sanctioned by the Managing Committee  based on the report of the Head of the Department/District/Taluk level officer of the concerned  Administrative Department.  Report should be stating that the hospital in which he/she has undergone treatment having all  facilities for such treatment. The application shall be countersigned by the  Head of the Department/District/Taluk level officer of the concerned Administrative Department under whose jurisdiction the applicant’s institution  is situated.

Following documents should also be furnished along with the application and medical certificate.

 a)    Resolution taken by the Board of Directors of the institution    b)    Recommendation of the  Head of the Department/District/Taluk level officer of  the concerned Administrative Department

c)    True copy of the case summery/discharge summery/ treatment details (treatment bills not needed)

d)    Service details  of the employee regarding date of birth, date of retirement and date of option to this scheme

e)    Declaration of the chief executive of the institution duly certified that the documents furnished are genuine, the employee has not availed any medical grant from the Board so far  and to promise that the whole amount received by the employee  will be refunded to  the Board  when it is found in an enquiry that the proposal was not genuine

f)    True copy of a valid document  to prove the relationship  with the employee in the case of treatment for dependent

g)    If the dependent is an unemployed bachelor, a certificate should be obtained from the village officer to prove it

h)    In the case of treatment for mother/father of the married employee, a certificate obtained from the village officer reporting that the employee is the sole dependent of father/mother should also be enclosed with the proposal

i)    Medical certificate may enough from the physician of concerned department of treatment  in the case of Chikungunya, Tuberculosis, Asthma, H1N1,Dengue fever, Rat fever, Varicose veins operation, Thyroid operation, Liver Cirrhosis, Hernia operation, Uterus removal, Kidney treatment and Heart treatment. Provided the medical assistance will be given only for inpatient treatment.


Refund of contribution remitted to the Board

         On retirement/relief of an employee, the actual amount contributed to the Board by both the employee and employer will be refunded to the member. Date of retirement/ relief of the employee on or after 04-08-2017, an incentive of 10% of the total amount will also be added along with the refund of contribution  to the employee.

          For refund of contribution remitted to the Board, application prescribed in Annexure VI shall be submitted to the Secretary- Treasurer through  the concerned  Regional Office of the Board.  Application must be recommended and countersigned by the Head of the Department/District/Taluk level officer of the concerned Administrative Department of Government. True copy of resolution taken by the Board of Directors of the institution duly resolved to disburse the claim to the employee should also be enclosed with the application for refund of contribution.

Cash Award to the children of the employees

           An amount of Rs.10000/-  (Rupees ten thousand only) shall be given in every academic year as cash award to the students of the employees who secure ‘A+’ grade in all subjects in the SSLC examination and ‘90%’ marks in the Plus-2 examination for State, CBSE, ICSE and ISC syllabus.  Similarly at State level, Rs.10000/-, Rs.7000/- and Rs.5000/- each respectively for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places for VHSE, HDC & BM and JDC examination and at District level, Rs.25000/- shall be given as cash award for highest mark in MBBS, BDS, BAMS, BHMS, MS, MD, MDS examinations and Rs.15000/- for B.Tech,  M.Tech,  and B.Sc-Nursing examinations in every academic year.


               Similarly in State level School Kalolsavam at Secondary school and Higher Secondary School level, who secure ‘A’ grade shall be given Rs. 5000/- as cash award. Those who got ‘A’ grade in many items for the same Youth festival, one cash award shall be eligible for the academic year. Children of the employees who got 1st and 2nd places in the state level school Sports & Games competition and those who participated in the National level competition shall be given Rs.5000/- and at college level children who got 1st,2nd and 3rd places in the inter- university level Sports & Games competition shall also be given Rs.5000/-as cash award. Those who got prizes in many items for the same competition, one cash award shall be eligible for the academic year.

           Those who intend to apply for cash award shall submit their application in the form in Annexure- IX along with  the true copy of  mark list  and  certificate duly   attested   by the  concerned  Head master/ Head mistress/  Principal of the institution in which he/she   studied, and forward the same to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Board, Head office, Thiruvananthapuram  duly recommended by the  concerned Head of Department / District/Taluk level  officer of the  concerned  administrative department  within 30 days from  the  date of  publication of  the  results. Usually, applications for cash award in all categories mentioned above are invited together within 30 days from the date of publication of results of SSLC and Plus- 2 examinations. 

           In the case of professional courses, it is seen difficult to furnish the relevant   copies such as University certificate and mark/grade sheet for the year within the  prescribed time limit. Hence, applications shall be considered from the eligible students who have passed in between  April of the previous year and March of the succeeding year.


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