The “Kerala State Co-operative Employees’ Welfare Board” is constituted by the Government of Kerala for implementing welfare schemes to the Co-operative Employees in the State.  It was established in 1986 by name “Kerala Co-operative Employees’ Welfare Fund” exclusively for the employees working in the Co-operative Societies under the administrative control of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies, Kerala.  Later in 1992, it was reconstituted as the “Kerala State Co-operative Employees’ Welfare Board” and provided more financial assistance and aid to the members who opted to subscribe this Board.  In 1996, this scheme was further extended to the employees of co-operative institutions under other departments of the State Government viz Handloom, Coir, Milk, Fisheries, Khadi & Village Industries etc.  A separate scheme for the Commission Agents of these institutions was also framed and implemented by this Board in 2001 by name “Kerala State Co-operative Commission Agents Welfare Scheme” with a minimum of financial assistance for them.

In 2013, the scheme for Commission Agents has been cancelled by the Government for the purpose of unification of financial assistance to its members, being Permanent Employees and Commission Agents and modified the existing rules for the ‘Constitution and Administration of the Kerala State Co-operative Employees’ Welfare Board..Later in 2017, this scheme has further extended to the employees of all other Boards coming under the control of Co-operative department. At present this Board is functioning efficiently and is providing relief by way of granting financial aid to the co-operative employees and their dependents, who are the members and their number exceeds 60000.